Commission currently OPEN

Please be sure to read ToS before commissioning, thank you!
Current queue -- Trello
Commission form -- Google Forms

Raising money for new PC since Aug 2020!
10-15% of total monthly income goes to that^^
10 000 / 44 000 RUB


Commission typePrice, USDAdd Character
Simple shade bust2512.50
Simple shade half body3015
Simple shade Full body4020
Full color bust4522.50
Full color Half body5025
Full color Full body6030


- Background not included in sketch commissions, only flat color/gradient or simple bed sheet
- +10 USD per version for alternate edits
- +40% for extreme fetishes and stuff I won't post on my socials
- +50% of total price for Private commissions
-You have 5 free changes, the rest will cost extra depending on complexity

WILL DO's: pretty much open to everything, not stated below. Feel free to ask if unsure!
WON'T DO's: Real people, Racist or derogatory imagery, Realistic humans/animals, Zoo on human/Human on zoo, Anthropophagolagnia, Unbirthing, Giving birth, Prolapse, Realism, Necro, Vomit, Gore

Commission Types




Simple shadow commissions

Fullcolor commissions

TERMS of service


  • I will not take commission if you're under 18. I’m not accountable if you lie about it.

  • Food and rent before commissioning, take care of yourself first, please!

  • You’re purchasing the digital art piece for personal use only.

  • Payment is made after the sketch approval via the invoice.

  • I accept Paypal USD/RUB or Sberbank RUB payments.

  • I need visual references of your character.

  • I do not do refunds.


  • After commission accepted I update within 7 days with a sketch for approval.

  • 5 free changes throught the commission process. Big changes can be made on sketch stage only.

  • I send an invoice after sketch approval.

  • Continue drawing after the payment is done.

  • Complete! I send you full resolution via Google drive

  • Average turnaround time is 3 weeks.


  • Maximum time I need to finish a digital commission is 2 weeks.

  • If you need your commission to be finished by a certain date (e.g. the commission is a birthday present for someone) you must state it in the form. An extra fee may be charged due to giving your commission priority.

  • Deadlines still need to be reasonable. The minimum deadline must be at least one week after order date. For example, if you ordered on Jan 1st, earliest deadline possible is Jan 8th.


The fastest ways to contact: Twitter urpone6113, Discord urpone#6113
If you want to order commission, please provide the following information:

PayPal address: where to invoice you to
Type of artwork: Bust/HB/FB, Sketch/Fullcolor, Background/No bg, Pony/Anthro, SFW/NSFW
Character reference/pictures: Totally NO text descriptions, I don't do custom characters
Reference: Pose, location, etc. May be either text or images
Any other information: any edits, deadlines, etc.

open ych commissions

YCH (Your Character Here) commissions are commission based on pre-made sketches. Winning the auction or buying it out allowes you to have your character drawn and depicted in that specific area and pose.

If you'd like to claim the YCHes listed below, please contact me on Twitter or Discord urpone#6113.